Roadmap to Successful Energy Ventures in India launched

Hugh Fraser International (HFI), in association with Metwand Chambers Law Office in Mumbai, has launched its “Roadmap to Successful Ventures in India” programme which will feature a series of briefings, guidance memos and webinars on the topic. Our first feature is a walk through the legal structures options available for business establishing a presence in India by Mukund Puranik. 

The IEA India Special Report 2021 reports that “the scope for further growth in energy demand and infrastructure is huge.”

“India is the world’s third‐largest energy consuming country, thanks to rising incomes and improving standards of living. Energy use has doubled since 2000, with 80% of demand still being met by coal, oil and solid biomass. On a per capita basis, India’s energy use and emissions are less than half the world average, as are other key indicators such as vehicle ownership, steel and cement output.

As India recovers from a Covid‐induced slump in 2020, it is re‐entering a very dynamic period in its energy development. Over the coming years, millions of Indian  households are set to buy new  appliances,  air conditioning units and vehicles. India will soon become the world’s most populous country, adding the equivalent of a city the size of Los Angeles to its urban population each year. 

To meet growth in electricity demand over the next twenty years, India will need to add a power system the size of the European Union to what it has now.” 

Download the brochure - Roadmap To Successful Energy Ventures in India:- Establishing Business Presence in India