Spinergie sets sail as hydrogen evolution gets French connection in Paris

HFI was delighted to meet with Jean Cristofari, CEO and Founder of Spinergie last week to discuss the company’s international business expansion. Spinergie is a maritime technology company specialising in emission reduction, vessel performance and operation optimisation.  

They are experts in applying data science to the maritime sector and have ambitions to become a leading technology partner for the maritime energy transition.Spinergie’s solutions are already used by charterers, shipowners, and engineering companies all over the world.

With hydrogen increasingly seen as a key solution for decarbonising several sectors that are difficult to electrify including ships, this topic is high on the agenda this week at Hyvolution2024, the leading hydrogen conference being held in Paris. 

Progress in the hydrogen sector is also notable in the deployment of manufacturing capacities and several hydrogen clusters in France, particularly around mobility. The French Environnement Agency (ADEME) has financed 35 hydrogen clusters to the tune of 320 million euros since 2018. These ecosystems will create 100 hydrogen refuelling stations and represent more than 80 MW of electrolysis capacities.  

Globally there are more than 50 countries with a published hydrogen strategy or roadmap and the development of hydrogen is now seen within a globalized and competitive framework.  Scottish/UK Companies participating at Hyvolution include Aqualation, Bramble Energy, CRC Evans, Flexergy, Glacier Energy, Hydro C, Logan Energy.

Paris-based EVOLEN will be leading the home team at Hyvolution. EVOLEN supports companies and professionals in the French energy sector in the development of sustainable, reliable and economical solutions accessible to all, to succeed in the energy transformation towards carbon neutrality by 2050.  

HFI’s own French connection was strengthened by the recent appointment of French legal advisor Manel Sghari – a trilingual lawyer originally from Tunisia - to the HFI team in our Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt ventures.