HFI supports clients to establish, expand and divest their international businesses through strategic, value-added consulting and legal services, combining specialist know-how, connections, local partners and execution expertise.  Our client services and solutions include:-

  • Specialist Consulting & Legal Services
  • Technology Supply & Technical Services Contracts
  • Due Diligence & Compliance Advisory Services
  • Corporate & Business Establishment Services
  • Joint Ventures
  • Acquisitions, Re-Structures & Divestments

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Specialist Services

Our Joint Participation Ventures Initiative is focussed on executing collaboration contracts and joint ventures between international technology and know-how partners and in-country local partners across a range of key energy-driven territories in the Middle East and the four surrounding regions: the East Mediterranean & North Africa, the Caspian & Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and East Africa. In this “Middle East Plus 4” focus area, we advise and execute on partner selection, due diligence, commercial terms, in-country laws & regulations and legalisation, translation, registration formalities.  We also support trouble-shooting for, and managed exits from, existing ventures. 

Our DMCC Corporate & Compliance Solutions is focussed on the use of DMCC free zone companies as an integral part of Middle East and wider international group structures in support of clients’ business expansion plans. The United Arab Emirates in the heart of a global energy market valued at US$5 trillion in recent research by the Energy Industries Council -EIC. The DMCC free zone is now recognised as a world-class cluster of energy sector companies adjacent to some of the largest energy producing nations and energy consuming markets in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. DMCC companies are used increasingly as regional hub group entities and, in this context, we provide specialist consulting, licensing, registration and compliance services through the full life-cycle from establishment to divestment.

Our MASDAR Corporate & Compliance Solutions specialises in the use of the MASDAR City Free Zone initiative, which is led by Mubadala Investments, for businesses with advanced net zero technologies and know-how who are looking to expand in the Middle East region and on a wider international platform. MASDAR is now recognised as a world-class cluster for net zero businesses with the International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA now based in Abu Dhabi and is a key pillar of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050. Abu Dhabi is also host to the annual World Future Energy Summit. In this context, HFI provides specialist consulting, licensing, registration and compliance services and has recently supported the establishment of the Global Carbon and Capture Institute at the free zone.

Our International Local Partner Agreements Initiative is focussed on executing commercial agency and distribution agreements in the Middle East, East Mediterranean/North Africa, India and East Africa regions. In 2021 HFI launched our upgraded dual language agency agreement for Middle East ventures built on specialist contract automation software and reflects 20 years’ of know-how and experience in formulating, re-booting and terminating local partner agreements in the region. The upgrade is our biggest overhaul to date and reflects lessons learned from clients’ experiences and legal developments in regional laws over the last 5 years. The success or failure of ventures can depend on building win/win commercial arrangements while managing the legal risks associated with regional legal agreements. Key issues to manage include understanding how local laws can over-ride commercial contract terms, ensuing dual English/Arabic language issues are properly addressed and administering the execution, legalisation and registration formalities associated with regional commercial agencies. Variations of the Agency Agreement, with associated specialist consulting and implementation services,  are available for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, India and other key territories in the target regions.