Intervention Rentals

Intervention Rentals moves for Middle East growth

Scottish-based Intervention Rentals is ramping up for Middle East growth with the establishment of Intervention Rentals International at the @DMCC Free Zone in Dubai and the appointment of Phil Scott to drive the expansion. The company is a leading supplier of drilling and well service equipment. It has been a pleasure to work with the Intervention Rentals team of Colin Kennedy, Ross McKenzie, Mark Stewart and Phil Scott in completing the establishment of the new Middle East presence through our DMCC Plus+ Corporate & Compliance Solutions team and we wish them every success with the new expansion.

The HFI Consulting International team are also well through the process of completing a major upgrade of the DMCC Plus+ Corporate & Compliance Solutions service to deepen the support we are providing to clients using DMCC companies as a platform for their Middle East and international growth. This is focussed on streamlining the process of establishing new ventures and implementing the necessary compliance programmes to keep existing ventures in good order in terms of meeting all client vendor approvals requirements and legal regulatory compliance.