Roadmap to Middle East Success at Energy Exports Conference 2024

HFI is delighted to introduce HFI’s “The Roadmap to Successful Ventures in the Middle East” launched ahead of EIC (Energy Industries Council)’s Energy Exports Conference 2024 being held on 11–12 June in Aberdeen. The Roadmap captures over 20 years’ experience of lessons learned from supporting clients in their Middle East ventures. Please see the interactive flipbook version and the static PDF below:

HFI’s Roadmap to Successful Ventures in the Middle East eGuidebook (Flipbook)

HFI’s Roadmap to Successful Ventures in the Middle East eGuidebook (PDF)

The Middle East is a key growth market and the EIC (Energy Industries Council) (EIC) DataStream project database is now tracking in the GCC 490 energy projects for 2023 and the market value for the region is US$722 billion for the period to 2030:-

  • Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream and downstream) – US$466.8 billion (264 projects);
  • Power and transmission/distribution – US$104.9 billion (90 projects); and
  • Energy Transition (renewables, hydrogen, CCS, energy storage) – US$155.6 billion (136 projects).

The Energy Exports Conference will feature “Keynote Opening Plenary – From Vision to Victory: Leaders Shaping the Energy Industry” led by EIC’s CEO Stuart Broadley and three Middle East themed presentations “Opportunities in Middle East & Africa”, “aramco Europe: Supply Chain and Business Opportunities for UK based companies in Saudi Arabia” and “Opportunities in Libya” led by EIC’s Regional Director Ryan McPherson.

Other key international expansion themes to be covered at the conference include:-

  • “Barrels of Opportunities in Oil and Gas”;
  • “Catch of the Day: Exploring Global Opportunities in CCUS;
  • “Hydrogen Horizons: Powering our Future”;
  • “Financing the Energy Transition”; and
  • “Nuclear Energy: Going to Infinity and Beyond”.

Hugh Fraser will be attending the Energy Exports Conference 2024 next week and would be delighted to catch up with HFI’s client and connections. Please feel free to contact sally.reeves@hfi-consulting.com to arrange a mutual convenient time at the conference to meet in person or via Teams call.