Mercom India Renewables Summit 2023 showcases Puranik & Fraser International expertise for India expansion.

India has set down ambitious renewable targets for 2030:  30GW per annum of solar power generation, 80GW wind (onshore and offshore) and 200GW of hydrogen/ammonia, as highlighted at Mercom India Renewables Summit 2023 this month in Delhi.

In the context of these ambitious targets, Mukund Puranik, Partner in Puranik & Fraser International, identified key themes explored at the summit including, ramping up local manufacturing of solar modules, cells, panels, up-skilling workforce in manufacturing, improving the robustness of the Indian supply chain and a major focus on energy storage.

As India emerges this month with the largest population, the Indian government is heavily focussed on security of energy supply, as well as energy transition objectives. India also sees a huge opportunity in assisting the western world to reduce its dependence on Chinese manufacturing and increasing advance technology ventures for the manufacturing of energy technology in India, both for the local market and international exports.

Hugh Fraser, Managing Partner of Hugh Fraser International and a partner in Puranik & Fraser International also featured renewable energy opportunities in India in his recent interview with OGV Energy.

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