Hugh Fraser International features in latest EIC (Energy Industries Council) Council “Survive and Thrive” V Report

HFI is among 61 businesses featured in the latest edition of the “Survive and Thrive” Report published today by EIC, the fifth in the series. First published in 2017 to study the successful growth strategies of supply chain companies in tough market conditions, most notably following the oil price crash of 2014-2015, the report has followed an energy industry in transition that has had to both rebuild and redefine itself.

Key topics which were researched included: diversification, innovation, exporting, culture and resilience. The feature on HFI tracks the evolution of the business from its initiation in 2003, US ownership for four years and then its re-emergence as an independent business with a new focus on private equity backed advanced petroleum technologies clients and net zero technologies clients, using the firm’s strong position in the Middle East to build on.

The report features its work with the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute as a key aspect of its emerging net zero technologies work.

Download Full Report from the EIC (Energy Industries Council) Survive & Thrive