Hugh Fraser International announces a major expansion of its Abu Dhabi Ventures Initiative

Hugh Fraser International has announced a major expansion of its ADVI - Abu Dhabi Ventures Initiative - legal service to support technology and know-how providers to expand in the UAE.

The announcement was made during at the Energy Exports Conference in Aberdeen on 14th and 15th of June 2022, where HFI participated and was presented by Hugh Fraser; its founder and managing partner.

“HFI will establish a new law office branch at MASDAR City Free Zone in Abu Dhabi and will focus on petroleum downstream, decarbonisation, hydrogen, carbon capture, solar and nuclear related opportunities emerging from the implementation of the UAE’s National Energy Strategy 2050”. Hugh Fraser said.

“The Energy Industries Council is tracking over US$200 billion of downstream projects in the GCC and our focus will include the massive new Ta’ziz petrochemicals US$5 billion project at Ruwais - TA’ZIZ (taziz.com)Hugh Fraser adds.

During the Energy Exports Conference in Aberdeen John MacArthur, Energy Transition Director at ADNOC, highlighted supply chain opportunities at Ta’ziz.

“HFI’s Net Zero Legal Solutions has been supporting Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute to expand in the Middle East via its new branch at MCFZ; Masdar City Free Zone.” Hugh Fraser added. The Institute recently held its inaugural first meeting in Abu Dhabi on 2 June led by CEO Jarad Daniels, COO Jeff Erikson and Head of MENA Mohammad Abu Zahra ahead of ADIPEC, COP27 and COP28 coming up in the region.  

The Institute latest Annual Report projects that 2,500 CCS facilities withdrawing an average of 1.5 million tons per annum will be needed if COP21 Paris Agreement plan to be achieved.