HFI Petroleum Legal Solutions ramps up as MENA petroleum technology providers in spotlight during EGYPS 2022 and IPTC 2022

Hugh Fraser International’s Petroleum Legal Solutions focus on the MENA region ramps up this month with two key flagship conferences – EGYPS 2022 is being held in Cairo during 14-16 February and IPTC2022 is hosted in Riyadh during 21-23 February, following on from the pivotal IKTVA 2022 conference held in Riyadh.

Key themes will include the drive to decarbonise oil and gas production in the region, the roll-out of carbon capture and storage projects in the MENA and the roadmap for the hydrogen economy in MENA.

The 2022 versions of HFI’s EGVI – Egypt Ventures Initiative and SAVI – Saudi Arabia Ventures Initiative are being show-cased as part of these two flagship conferences and we look forward to supporting clients and connections to roll-out their ventures in these two key territories as 2022 gathers pace.

HFI is also looking forward to the rescheduled Energy Industries Council UAE Re-Connect 2022 event in Abu Dhabi under the leadership of Ryan McPherson which has been rescheduled to May of this year.