HFI Net Zero Legal Solutions Middle East welcomes EIC-led Energy Exports Conference

HFI Net Zero Legal Solutions (N-ZELS) is welcoming next week’s EIC (Energy Industries Council) led Energy Export Conference. This marks the start of a series of net zero focussed initiatives over the summer culminating at the GASTECH 2021 conference which will now be held in Dubai in September.

N-ZELS was established by HFI Consulting International in mid-2020 in recognition of the rapid diversification efforts in the Middle East to re-balance the energy sector towards solar, wind, nuclear, carbon capture, hydrogen, energy storage and energy efficiency technologies.

N-ZELS has already supported the launch of the Global CCS Institute Middle East presence at the Mubadala Investments driven Masdar Free Zone in Abu Dhabi, with the Institute now providing a platform for CCS expansion in the region via its 100 specialist members.

Our membership of EIC will be a key part of the development of HFI Net Zero Legal Solutions over the next 5 years and we look forward to working with Middle East regional director, Ryan McPherson, and the rest of the EIC team on an exciting range of initiatives in the region.