HFI Becomes Member of Subsea UK

HFI Consulting International has gone on record many times about the importance it places on making connections and building relationships. We are committed members of the EIC and we are proud to announce that we have also now joined Subsea UK.



As a specialist consulting and legal services firm to the energy and water sectors which has worked on the internationalisation ambitions of many North Sea-based companies, becoming an integral part of industry bodies is a natural progression for us.

HFI founder and managing partner Hugh Fraser will lead on the firm’s participation with Subsea UK with international business development consultant Graham Berry.

Hugh said: “The combined skills sets of the business development and legal consultants in the team is a powerful mix of know-how and connections, but we need to remain fully engaged with the industry on the commercial and technical levels if we are going to be able to deliver on our objective of providing high-level support to our clients.

“That means that it’s not enough to simply understand the energy industry: we must get under its skin and appreciate all the challenges and opportunities that exist. Being a part of groups like Subsea UK is invaluable to HFI as it allows us to leverage a significant amount of knowledge and connections.

“The Subsea UK membership includes a number of existing HFI clients and as it closely mirrors the key strands of our service offering – internationalisation, diversification and innovations – it was a natural fit for us.”

HFI’s entry to Subsea UK has been welcomed by Neil Gordon, the organisation’s chief executive. He said: “As the industry body and focal point for the entire British subsea sector, we aim to support companies like HFI Consulting International in any way we can to ensure the UK continues to lead the way around the globe.

“There’s no denying that the past two years have been tough, and since the sharp drop in oil prices we have looked at ways in which we can deliver added-value to our members, from the niche technology companies to the multi-nationals.

“Working closely with the entire supply chain bringing together operators, contractors, suppliers and people in the industry, we have been running a number of focus groups and workshops to ensure that we are responding effectively to their needs in these turbulent times.

“Everything we do is in direct response to the immediate and long-term needs of the sector, from helping companies get their new products and services off the ground to providing them with the resources required to break into new markets.

“No ask is too big. We have developed a suite of initiatives and online tools in an effort to help members meet their objectives, providing a dedicated service that helps them capitalise on opportunities and reap the rewards.”

Members of the HFI team have previously exhibited at Subsea Expo conferences in Aberdeen earlier this year and in 2016, and the firm will be participating in the 2018 Expo which is scheduled to take place from February 7 – 9.