Global CCS Institute launches Global Status of CCS 2022 Report

Global CCS Institute, led by Jarad Daniels, has issued its Global CCS Status of CCS 2022 Report ahead of ADIPEC 2022 and COP27. Middle East Head of Region, Mohammed Abu Zahra, will provide an update at ADIPEC 2022

There are now 30 CCS facilities in operation, 11 under construction and 153 under development with a capability to capture 244 million tonnes of CO2 per annum. 

Three operational CCS facilities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar already account for 3.7 mtpa, around 10 per cent of global CO2 captured each year: Qatar Energy’s Ras Laffan gas liquefaction plant, Aramco’s Hawiyah Naturals Gas Liquids plant/Uthmaniyah EOR and ADNOC/Emirates Steel’s Al Reyadah.  Both Qatar and Abu Dhabi expect to capturing 5 mtps by 2030

There is an estimated storage capacity for the GCC countries of 170 Gt of CO2  and high potential for CUS hubs, particularly at Jubail, Ras Laffan and Ruwais. .

HFI Net Zero Legal Solutions has been delighted to support the establishment of the Institute’s MENA presence at MASDAR City Free Zone in Abu Dhabi.