EIC’s New Global Ambassadors

Hugh Fraser was delighted and honoured to be appointed as a Global Ambassador for EIC (Energy Industries Council) today at EIC Connect in Abu Dhabi.

Key objectives in the role will be to support the EIC team to cross the 1,000 members threshold and to support EIC members when called upon to drive the success rate of their ventures in the MENA region.

It has been a pleasure to for Hugh to work with Stuart Broadley - a former colleague during their Wood Group days - and Ryan McPherson, whom Hugh first worked with during his time at Industry Technology Facilitator (previously merged with Net Zero Technology Centre).

HFI would also like to pay tribute to Terry Willis, the founder of the EIC Middle East office in 2004. It is great to see how things have grown over the last 20 years - and all the best for the next 20!

HFI is very much looking forward to the EIC Energy Exports Conference in Aberdeen on 11th – 12th June.