Egypt ambitions as East Mediterranean hub and Africa gateway ramps up as World Future Energy Summit highlights energy transition progress

WFES 2022 heads into Day 2 with Egypt’s energy transition progress high on the agenda.

2016 saw a major turnaround in Egypt’s fortunes with a US$5 billion IMF loan stabilising the economy under the Al Sisi government. Since then power supply shortages to 100 million Egyptians, declining oil production and stunted economic growth have been replaced by major BP, ENI and other IOC-led offshore gas exploration and production, a successful Siemens-led gas-to-power programme, economic growth despite COVID19 and an ambition renewables and clean energy programme which includes solar, wind and green hydrogen projects.

Following close on WFES, the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS 2022) will showcase Egypt’ strategic vision for the energy sector as it heads towards hosting COP27 in Cairo in November.

Hugh Fraser International has ramped up its collaboration with Hadir Helar of Helar and Partners in Cairo to combine international, Middle East and Egyptian corporate and energy law expertise, building on 20 years’ of track record of supporting ventures in Egypt.