EBRD funding to drive energy transition in Egypt

As EGYPS2022 enter Day 2, accelerating the energy transition will be at the heart of EBRD’s new 5 years programme for Egypt. In 10 years, over US$8 billion has been invested in 145 projects in Egypt, in sustainable infrastructure, renewables capacity and CO2e emissions reduction.

EBRD has also improved access to finance for SMEs with almost US$1 billion to 19 private financial institutions and over US$100 million into SME equity funds.

Improved competitiveness and corporate governance are key objectives for EBRD and for Egypt, which will host COP27 later this year.

Hugh Fraser International’s HFI Net Zero Legal Solutions team is directing our EGVI – Egypt Ventures Initiative with a key focus to promote and implement joint ventures between rising stars in the Egyptian SME market and international energy technology providers to help achieve these objectives.

Hugh Fraser has also committed to supporting the process through the GlobalScot forum where opportunities arise.