CSUB Norwegian technology reinforces international growth and adds sheen in Qatar

Hugh Fraser International was delighted to meet up with Carl-Petter Halvorsen, VP Business Development of CSUB who has now relocated to the region as part of their business expansion plans. Carl-Petter previously held senior roles with DSND SUBSEA LTD, Haliburton Subsea, Wellstream, Flexlife, STATS Group, Innospection, Simmons & Co International now Piper Sandler Energy & Power Group, SaxonWeber | ShareWell and Seasystems AS,

Carl-Petter is keen to play a key role with SUT - Society for Underwater Technology in the Middle East which is led by Adrian Phillips.

CSUB is a leading developer and manufacturer of composite solutions to the subsea, agriculture, civil and offshore industry, based in Norway.   CSUB specialises in making complex load-carrying composite structures in glass fibre reinforced polyester.  Products include protection covers, wellhead protection structures, subsea processing structures, subsea hatches and support structures. 

QatarEnergy has recently awarded US$6 billion of EPC contracts to boost Al-Shaheen oil field production by 100,000 bpd related to the next development phase of the offshore Al-Shaheen field (Qatar’s largest oil field). The award is part of Project Ru’ya. Project Ru’ya aims to develop over 550 million barrels of oil, scheduled for completion within 5 years with initial oil production anticipated in 2027. The project involves drilling over 200 wells, establishing a centralised process complex, installing nine remote wellhead platforms, and laying associated pipelines.

However, Qatar is also playing a leading role in the energy security space by increasing its LNG production to 126 mtpa by 2030 and in the energy transition by targeting carbon capture and storage technology to capture over 11 million tonnes per annum of CO2 in Qatar by 2035.

EIC (Energy Industries Council) DataStream project database is now tracking 31 Qatar energy projects with a value of US$85 billion for the period to 2030:-

Oil & Gas (upstream, midstream and downstream) – US$62billion (23projects); 
Power and transmission/distribution – US$3 billion (1 project); and 

Energy Transition (renewables, hydrogen, CCS, energy storage) – US$20 billion (7 projects)

HFI’s QATVI - Qatar Ventures Initiative (QATVI) supports advanced petroleum technology and energy transition technology ventures in Qatar, supporting clients to address key challenges including foreign ownership laws, local partner agreements, technology licences, manufacturing facilities contracts, corporate taxation and Qatar localisation.