Collaboration with Energy Business Catalyst Strengthens Offshore Wind and Subsea Oil and Gas Capabilities

HFI Consulting International has launched a new collaboration with Energy Business Catalyst (EBC) – a consultancy with deep-seated knowledge of both subsea oil and gas and offshore wind projects.

EBC has extensive experience in working with companies of all sizes to unlock the potential of oil and gas and offshore wind operations, and has joined HFI’s Bridgehead Energy Consultants network.

EBC will work across many of the projects being undertaken by HFI Bridgehead Energy Consultants, and specifically HFI’s new Global Offshore Wind Initiative, which will be launched at the forthcoming Subsea Expo taking place in Aberdeen on 7-9 February.

The EBC team provides market insight, technical knowledge, know-how and hands-on support to unblock strategic thinking, navigate decision-making, build competitive advantage, accelerate growth and increase profits.

The team has specific technical expertise in subsea production umbilicals, subsea power cables, IWOCs umbilicals and reeler systems, subsea control systems, conductor supported platforms, pig launching and receiving systems and offshore wind farm equipment and maintenance. This is drawn from the team’s experience and background with leading industry players such as Aker Solutions, GE Oil & Gas, FMC Technologies, Honeywell and JDR Cables.


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HFI Bridgehead Energy Consultants provides consultancy services for the planning, implementation, re-working and exiting of international business expansion ventures for energy and water sector clients. The consultancy team works in tandem with HFI Legal Consultancy or separately depending on the scope of specific client mandates.

EBC has two bases – one in the UK and one in the UAE. It was founded by Patrick Phelan, who is based in the UK and who has high-level expertise in offshore renewables, as well as a wealth of experience in oil and gas. He was responsible for the launch of JDR, which became a major manufacturing success story in offshore wind in the UK, which he then grew with a number of international branches.

In addition, Patrick is also chairman of the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), a trade body of around 300 companies that operate in the offshore energy sector. He said: “It’s certainly a very exciting time for offshore wind and I believe that operators are now reaping the rewards of their investment. The UK is very much at the centre of offshore wind development globally with more offshore wind farms than any other part of the world, and there is a growing recognition that these are a very cost-effective way of building new energy plants at scale.”

Patrick is joined by regional director Adrian Phillips, who works out of the UAE. Adrian has previously held senior roles with majors including GE Oil & Gas and Aker Solutions, but has spent the last five years working in the regional supply chain, including running a major equipment manufacturing facility in Jebel Ali. He specialises in providing bridgehead support to companies that want to grow in the MENA region with a focus on offshore/subsea markets such as Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Egypt.


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HFI founder and managing director Hugh Fraser said that working with EBC on future projects will further strengthen the pool of skills and knowledge available to HFI clients. He added: “In Adrian and Patrick we have two highly respected individuals who know their sectors inside out. We are incredibly fortunate to have them join the HFI network. Throughout the many industry and trade events that the HFI team attended in 2017, the need to manage the energy transition towards renewables became increasingly apparent. Our collaboration with EBC will therefore add significant value to companies that want to internationalise offshore wind generation projects, particularly in key markets such as the USA and China.”

Patrick added: “EBC provides strategic advice, introductions, and local support on a commercial basis, but does not provide legal consultancy. It therefore seemed like a natural progression to collaborate with HFI to provide support in setting up contractual agreements. We look forward to a long and successful association.”

EBC and HFI will be participating jointly at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi on 15-18 January and Subsea Expo.