As the UAE changes its commercial agency law, HFI boosts its ADVI team and specialist service

HFI has boosted its Abu Dhabi Ventures Initiative ADVI team to support clients in their UAE ventures with Manel Sghari  a tri-lingual Arabic, French speaking commercial lawyer joining the existing team of Hugh Fraser, Ramzi Selouan and Linda Al Orm. This comes as new legislation updating the law of commercial agencies in the UAE was passed in late 2022 and coming into effect on 15 June 2023.

Commercial Agencies in the UAE energy sector is a high-risk area for international energy technology providers. Key statutory provisions which over-ride contractual terms are often overlooked including local partner rights to commissions/remuneration, exclusivity and compensation on termination/non-renewal. Problems often manifest in the event of contentious terminations, change of control exits by foreign partners and weak dispute resolution mechanisms.

Key ingredients for success are the right local partner, the right deal with the local partner, investment in a balanced win/win long term relationship and focus/commitment.

Hugh Fraser Int Legal Consultancy has updated and overhauled its ADVI offering in relation to UAE commercial agency establishments including a suite of specialist advisory letters, dual language commercial agency and distributorship agreements and expert guidance on legalisation, execution and registration formalities. We also provide support on trouble shooting, rebooting and managed exits for existing ventures.