In a nutshell, we provide specialist consulting and legal services. We work on business ventures in the wider Middle East region for businesses with advanced technologies and know-how solutions for the energy, water and environmental protection sectors. We support a wide range of ventures, including:-

  • Business Establishments in New Territories
  • Joint Ventures and Collaboration Arrangements with Local Partners
  • Acquisitions
  • Restructurings
  • Exit Transactions

Our scope of services will vary from mandate to mandate – we aim to be flexible and versatile and mindful that no two mandates are the same - but typically may include:

  • Legal advice and opinions
  • Consultancy
  • Due diligence
  • Deal-making
  • Contracts
  • Business licensing and registration
  • Dispute resolution

Our mandates normally are constituted in one of three arrangements:-

  • Retained Counsel which are normally 12 months appointments to advise and support generally for a fixed monthly fee;
  • Project appointments for specific new ventures generally for a project fee payable over the duration of the assignment (typically 3 to 12 months); and
  • Consultancy appointments for ad hoc short term issues arising normally on a capped or fixed fee basis.

Internationalisation Specialist Legal Services

We also provide Internationalisation Specialist Legal Services via HFI Legal Consultancy in Scotland and/or our network of in-country law firms throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, including:-

  • Contracts
  • Legal Advice and Opinions
  • Legal Compliance and Due Diligence Reviews and Audits
  • Sanctions and Trade Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution

Internationalisation Consultancy Solutions

HFI’s specialist Internationalisation Consultancy Solutions services support both the planning and implementation of our clients’ international business expansion assignments, including:-

  • Local partner due diligence, selection, commercial terms negotiation, trouble-shooting and termination management;
  • Sourcing of international business expansion finance;
  • Advising on business registrations and licensing including obtaining special approvals and consents and advising on in-country value and local content requirement;
  • Structuring of commercial terms for joint ventures and technology licensing arrangements; and
  • Transaction services in relation to overseas acquisitions, divestments and restructurings.