Bringing New Products to the Global Market with Field Marshall

Bringing New Products to the Global Market with Field Marshall

Bringing a new product to the market can be a long process, but once the initial protype has been proven to work a whole new set of challenges emerges.

Established in 2013, Field Marshall develops mechanical aids for well hole clean-up – creating innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency. Taking care of the design, patent and prototype stages of development, the company then works with others around the world to bring its inventions to life.

It was at this second vital stage – where prototypes were being brought to market – that Hugh Fraser and his team became involved. Managing director Ron Potter said: “We brought HFI in after our tools and aids were developed, and the patents secured. It was at that point we needed to sell or lease our designs to other companies – and we had our sights set on the Middle East, including Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

“Hugh helped set up agreements between Field Marshall and companies in the Middle East for the lease of these tools, and also assisted with sales to a company in America. He and the team are incredibly well connected, which made it easy for him to introduce us to all the right people at the right time for us.”

Hugh’s guidance throughout the sale and lease process was key to Field Marshall’s success. “We may have moved forward without Hugh,” said Ron, “but definitely not to the same degree. He really has helped shape the business by pointing us in the right direction and providing valuable advice about contracts at every stage.

“I have known Hugh for a long time – we have been going back and forth for about 10 years – and even when we aren’t working on a project together, we still have meetings to keep in touch.”

Looking to the future, Field Marshall is on the verge of releasing a new product to the market and has once again employed HFI’s services to bring this to fruition. Ron explained: “I have developed a new tool, and the HFI team is now helping me reach the right people to move this on.

“The prototype has been tested and is ready for the market, and I am looking forward to seeing the day when the equipment reaches its next stage, deployed by a service company on a rig.”