Building for the Future with Target Energy Solutions

Building for the Future with Target Energy Solutions

As technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, it takes a specialist to really understand how best to implement it in any industry. So, too, does it take a specialist to provide sound advice on successful international expansion.

Target Energy Solutions specialises in delivering digital solutions to data-driven industries, focusing largely on oil and gas, and when CEO Ali Al Mujaini was beginning to think about additional overseas markets, he knew that HFI had to be involved.

He says, “We developed an international expansion plan that would allow us to expand our Middle East activity, and enter into North America, Europe and Asia. Hugh and his team advised us how to put the local structures in place, from both an operational and intellectual management point of view.

“The team also wrote and reviewed a number of contracts to standardise the contracts for our global deployment.”

This was not Target’s first encounter with Hugh Fraser. Ali explains, “For us at Target Energy Solutions, continuity is very important, and our engagement with Hugh has been a long one. He has been involved with us since the very beginning of the company – we really do view him as one of our trusted advisors.

“Dealing with Hugh is not just a one-off commercial transaction; it’s an open relationship, and we feel free to go back and ask questions that are not necessarily tied to a specific transaction.

“Hugh and his team are very genuine when they are dealing with people, and they are very knowledgeable in the specifics of the oil and gas industry. That they are keen to build relationships, as opposed to carrying out one off transactions, really sets them apart from others.”

The team at Target, however, are not ones to rest on their laurels. Ali says, “As a result of our international expansion, we have grown the business substantially and have established a foundation for major growth in 2020 – and we will definitely be engaging with Hugh and the team at HFI for the next step.”