Nuclear energy technology’s role in net-zero challenge centre-stage at World Utilities Congress in Abu Dhabi

The International Energy Agency projects that the share of nuclear energy in global electricity production must rise from 400 GW to 1,000 GW by 2050, if net zero emissions targets are to be achieved.

The role of nuclear energy in achieving net-zero and the challenges and opportunities in nuclear and the future of the nuclear energy industry was in the spotlight at WUC 2023 in Abu Dhabi.  

Industry leaders discussed the latest efforts in ensuring supply chain resilience across the value chain, including Martin Power, Secretary General, World Nuclear Transport and Alikaan Ciftci, President Nuclear Industry Association of Turkey and Vice Chairman of Bayramoglu operating in the wind and nuclear energy sectors.

We were delighted to meet Alikaan and to hear about Bayramoglu’s sponsorship of NPPES https://www.nuclearpowerplantsexpo.com in Istanbul in June.

David Landon, CEO, Moltex was on a panel with technology experts debating over the latest trends in nuclear science, technology and how it can solve energy and climate crises.  It was a pleasure to catch up with David and hear more on how Moltex Energy is developing its ‘stable salt reactor-wasteburner', a reactor that uses recycled nuclear waste as fuel, and the ‘waste to stable salt’ process for recycling spent fuel.  The company is also developing its ‘flex’ reactor, an uranium-fueled, thermal spectrum reactor providing flexible and dispatchable energy from low-impact sites.

HFI Net Zero Legal Solutions will be looking forward to participating at the World Nuclear Energy Summit in London and World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris later this year.