HFI’s Network Expands into ASEAN Region

HFI has now started to focus on opportunities arising for its clients in the ASEAN region (Association of South East Asian Nations) which draws together 10 developing economies in the region – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

The ASEAN region is characterised by young, rapidly expanding populations which is driving the need for economic growth, energy and water security and new infrastructure projects – and one which sits well with the firm’s existing focus in the Middle East and North Africa.

The opportunity for this regional expansion has come from the arrival of Peter Doraisamy, founder and managing partner of the Singapore based law firm Peter Doraisamy LLC. He has joined the HFI network as a senior legal consultant, re-establishing the 10-year link he shared with founder and managing partner Hugh Fraser when HFI was first launched in its original format in 2003.


Peter Doraisamy

Peter Doraisamy, founder and managing partner of the Singapore based law firm Peter Doraisamy LLC


Peter has almost 20 years’ experience specialising in maritime and offshore oil and gas law. His firm brings to HFI a regional hub base in Singapore, maritime law specialist expertise and a first-class network of quality legal and business connections throughout the ASEAN region. These can be used to support HFI’s clients, many of whom have senior management responsible for both the MENA and ASEAN regions across the UAE-Singapore “air bridge”.

Peter’s firm and HFI have been working together already this year, with attendance at events like Oil & Gas Asia 2017 and Oil & Gas Indonesia 2017. The alliance will also be represented at the EIC Oil & Gas Business Opportunities in Indonesia event on 1 November in Jakarta.

It is anticipated that Peter and Hugh will combine forces with other HFI consultants who have a wealth of experience in the ASEAN region including Malcolm Kelly and Graham Berry.

The HFI-PDLLC initiative will initially focus on HFI’s International Local Partner Agreement initiative (ILPA) with local ownership and content requirements driving technology transfer based joint ventures across the region.