Artificial Intelligence takes centre stage at GOTECH 2023 event led by Dragon Oil in Dubai

AI was the centre of attention at GOTECH 2023, with Hesham Zubari, CTO at Dragon Oil, leading panel discussions on the ‘Science of AI Engineering in Energy Mix Application’.  A key theme was the recognition of the need for engineers in the sector to train and upskill in the increasing role of AI and machine learning in the petroleum industry.

Robello Samuel, Chief Technology Advisor and Technolgy Fellow at Halliburton, followed on with a panel on ‘Advanced Physics Intelligence and Sensing Technologies’ and how AI is playing a major role in augmenting sensor technology and the greater attraction of other sectors which are embracing AI at a much faster rate than the energy sector.  

A third focus was on ‘Decarbonatization Through Immediate Methane Emission Reduction’ with input from Alberta-based, Darcy Spady, Managing Partner of Carbon Connect International, the former President of SPE.  Specific focus was on the successful introduction of a carbon credit trading system in Canada with the join co-operation of the energy sector and the Canadian Government authorities and the potential to roll out similar schemes internationally. 

Continuing the connection with Alberta and Canada, HFI is delighted to continue to deepen our relationship with Calgary based ‘Rainmaker Global Access’, led Clark Grue and Adam Joyce, to support the internationalisation of Canadian companies with advanced energy technology.  We are looking forward to the Canada Gas & LNG, Global Energy Show and Carbon Capture Canada exhibitions and conferences coming up in Canada.