30 Dec 2018

HFI is pleased to announce that Brandon Malone has joined the HFI team with effect from 1 January 2019 as a senior legal advisor.

20 May 2018

North Sea-based subsea companies will discover how to unlock a growing number of opportunities in the offshore Arabian Gulf at a key presentation being staged by HFI Consulting International.

10 Apr 2018

The MENA region never ceases to push out major news which impacts on the international energy matrix and recent weeks have been no exception.

03 Apr 2018

The scale of opportunities for the subsea sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will come under the microscope at an event being hosted by Subsea UK and HFI Consulting International next month.

27 Mar 2018

By Hugh Fraser

The HFI Consulting International story comes full circle this month as the team returns to OTC Houston. But while this preeminent industry event celebrates 50 years of bringing innovation to the energy sector, HFI will be marking the first anniversary of the announcement of our return.

20 Mar 2018

You have the product, you’ve tested the market. The time is right to take your business to the next level. And when you want to explore the options for expanding internationally, it’s important to consider all feasible sources of funding and support.

02 Feb 2018

As far as launchpads for global wind initiatives go, this coming week’s Subsea Expo may not appear an obvious choice. But the help, knowledge and support offered by HFI Consulting International and its new offshore wind service could be just what many delegates are looking for.

30 Jan 2018

An innovative and pioneering collaboration venture that will help Scottish firms gain a foothold in the fast-growing Saudi Arabian oil and gas market has been launched by HFI Consulting International.

08 Jan 2018

HFI Consulting International is pleased to announce that Singapore-based Andy Ang has joined HFI’s Bridgehead Energy Consultants and will be working in tandem with HFI Legal Consultancy’s alliance partners for ASEAN, Peter Dorasaimy Law Firm.

05 Jan 2018

HFI Consulting International is extending its Saudi Arabian Ventures Initiative (SAVI) to cover opportunities arising in the Red Sea and Western Saudi Arabia. This is in addition to its existing focus on oil and gas opportunities in the Eastern Province, where Saudi Aramco is based. 

02 Jan 2018

HFI Consulting International has launched a new collaboration with Energy Business Catalyst (EBC) – a consultancy with deep-seated knowledge of both subsea oil and gas and offshore wind projects.

24 Nov 2017

HFI Consulting International has further expanded its worldwide team of experts, with two leading figures from the energy industry in Scotland and the Middle East joining its global network.

17 Oct 2017

Aberdeen-based Helideck Certification Agency – a firm which has been with us since the first incarnation of HFI – has signed contracts to establish a new venture in the United Arab Emirates.

10 Oct 2017

It was clear during last week’s SPE Annual Technology and Conference and Exhibition that the oil industry’s innovators have not been resting on their laurels during the downturn and have maintained a focus on R&D. Game changing technology and fresh thinking was the hallmark of this event in Texas, which brought together more than 400 exhibitors.

06 Oct 2017

Where energy is opportunity: the strapline of Saudia Arabia’s national oil company Saudi Aramco could not be more fitting than at the present time. The Kingdom continues to make hefty strides towards economic reform, reducing its resilience on oil exports and tapping into alternative energy sources.

30 Sep 2017

HFI Consulting International has gone on record many times about the importance it places on making connections and building relationships. We are committed members of the EIC and we are proud to announce that we have also now joined Subsea UK.

19 Sep 2017

HFI has now started to focus on opportunities arising for its clients in the ASEAN region (Association of South East Asian Nations) which draws together 10 developing economies in the region – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

15 Sep 2017

In 2003, Graham Berry became one of the first clients of what was then a new and embryonic venture in the Middle East – the original HFI Consulting. He had been tasked by Houston-based Superior Energy Services to establish and launch operations in the region as managing director of Wild Well Control.

28 Aug 2017

Middle East business expansion specialist HFI Consulting International has launched a new service to help energy and water firms develop joint ventures in the wake of major plans to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy.

08 Aug 2017

Consulting and legal services firm HFI Consulting International has announced a key strategic decision to launch its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) legal base in Lebanon. The move puts the firm at the heart of an increasingly relevant territory for the energy and water industries, and has led to two of Beirut’s most successful commercial lawyers becoming part of the core HFI team.

12 Jul 2017

Middle East business expansion experts HFI Consulting International has made a key appointment to its legal management team as it prepares for its formal relaunch. Malcolm Kelly, who amassed over 20 years of experience with global engineers Weir Group, has joined the team as a senior legal consultant.

17 May 2017

Lawyer and Middle East business expert Hugh Fraser has been inducted into a global networking initiative set up to help Scottish firms break international markets.

01 May 2017

A Scots lawyer whose expertise in international law and business has helped ambitious energy-focused firms break into new markets in the Middle East is relaunching the consultancy that made his name.