HFI specialises in the planning and execution of international business expansion projects and assignments. We focus on clients with advanced technology and know-how in the energy and water sectors. We have specific expertise for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

We have over 20 years’ experience of deploying the necessary strategic, commercial, legal and diplomatic skills to formulate local partner arrangements with the key objectives of establishing a win/win platform for success and a risk managed exit methodology in the event of commercial underperformance.

HFI recognises that the right local partner with the right commercial arrangements can be the difference between success or failure in a target market territory, however these arrangements are badged: representation, sponsorship, agency, distributorship, licensee, joint venture, collaboration, nominee shareholder or mutual investment vehicle.

Successful ventures result in revenues, profits, cashflow and ultimately enhanced corporate value for attraction of future investment and realisation of investor exits plans. Failed initiatives can result in wasted management time, fees and costs, large compensation payments, lost receivables and associated cashflow challenges, trapped inventory, dislocated operational arrangements for customers, territorial “lock outs” due to statutory exclusivity and de-registration roadblocks.

Our International Local Partner Agreements (ILPA) Service offers clients a highly-focused approach to establishing, managing and where necessary, re-orientating and exiting, local partner arrangements across the MENA region.

Our ILPA initiative combines the best skills and expertise from our consultancy and legal services specialists and provides the following services on a fully integrated basis:

New Initiatives:

  • Specialist advice on legal, regulatory and policy framework on local partner arrangements in the applicable territory including in-country value, vendor registration, procurement requirements, importation/re-exportation, customs duties, taxation, employment/visa laws and insurance;
  • Local partner strategy, options and selection and due diligence including business ethics compliance and TRACE International registration;
  • Negotiation of commercial Heads of Terms and key performance indicators;
  • Preparation of formal contracts and ancillary documentation; and
  • Preparation and arrangement of legalization, translation and registration formalities and subsequent renewals.

Existing Initiatives:

  • Performance reviews, re-orientation strategies, trouble shooting and resolution of local partner disputes; and
  • Risk managed termination and exit arrangements.

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More Information on International Local Partner Agreements

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