We focus on clients with advanced technology and know-how in the energy and water sectors. Our experience and expertise are rooted in the North Sea oil and gas industry and have evolved and adapted with our clients into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region but we are very much focused on “the energy transition”. Many our clients and connections with subsea expertise are diversifying rapidly into the offshore wind market.

According to the International Renewables Energy Agency (IRNEA) over US$1.1 trillion was invested in renewable energy projects between 2013 and 2016. Annual investment in offshore wind between 2013 and 2016 increased almost fourfold from US$ 7 billion to US$27 billion, and this represented an increase from 10% to 25% of all wind investment. As at the end of 2016, according to the Energy Industries Council (EIC) Datastream information there was a global offshore wind installed capacity of 15 GW of which all but 2GW was located in North West Europe, with the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark dominating.

2017 was a watershed year for the offshore wind sector driven by three key factors: scale including large scale projects approvals/completions including Hornsea 1 & 2 (2500 MW) in the UK and Gemini (600MW) in the Netherlands; significant costs reductions with projects now becoming viable without subsidies; and technology: the world’s first floating offshore wind project, Hywind, off the east coast of Scotland.

2018 is expected to mark the start of the ramp up of offshore wind developments outside North West Europe, especially in China, the USA, Japan and Taiwan (CUJT). EIC is projecting that installed capacity will rise to 60 GW by 2024 of which two thirds will be in Western Europe (with France and Belgium also becoming major players) and one third in the four CUJT territories.

This is the opportunity for clients to which HFI wishes to add value through our Global Offshore Wind Initiative (GOWI) and we are gearing up our infrastructure for the internationalization of offshore wind players from North West Europe to China and east coast of the USA.

Our GOWI initiative combines the best skills and expertise from our consultancy and legal services specialists and provides the following services on a discrete or fully integrated basis:

HFI Legal Consultancy:

  • Regulatory advice on Business Establishments, Planning Approvals and Seabed Leases;
  • Power Purchase Agreements;
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation Project Agreements;
  • Operations and Maintenance Agreements;
  • Joint Venture and Local Partner Agreements;
  • Project Financing and Asset Investments and Sales.

HFI Bridgehead Energy Consultants:

  • Market Intelligence and Research;
  • Commercial and Technical Due Diligence
  • Financing Sources and Options;
  • Local Partner Strategy, Options and Selection; and
  • “Bridgehead” Management or Management Support during the initial 12/24 months.