HFI specialises in the planning and execution of international business expansion projects and assignments. We focus on clients with advanced technology and know-how in the energy and water sectors. We have specifically focused on high value/high challenge territories in the Middle East, North Africa & Mediterranean, Caspian & Central Eurasian and Asia Pacific regions.

Internationalisation ventures typically succeed or fail for four key reasons: market verification and market connectivity; quality and experience of management; local partner selection and relationships; and adequate finance. The FinOvate initiative is focused on the money aspect.

The role of development banks, private equity and commercial banks is well understood and well served and the FinOvate initiative is focused on speciality sources of finance including equity joint ventures with local partners; EU & EEA grant funding including Horizon 2020 and NER 300/400; UK export finance; technology support financing (including Innovate UK, OGTC and OGIC); and specialist regional funding including SIDF, HRDF, British Offset and BAe Systems funding in Saudi Arabia.

Our FinOvate initiative combines the best skills and expertise from our consultancy and legal services specialists and provides the following services on a discrete or fully integrated basis for new or existing ventures:

HFI Legal Consultancy:

  • Eligibility Analysis;
  • Group Restructuring;
  • Negotiation of Commercial Terms;
  • Financing Agreements, Legal Opinions and Conditions Precedent implementation.

HFI Bridgehead Energy Consultants:

  • Financing Sources and Options;
  • Financing Applications with Business Case and Business Plan development; and
  • Due Diligence/Verification Support.