HFI provides bridge between North Sea and Middle East for MSIS

When MSIS wanted to grow its share of the global oil and gas environmental services market, it was essential that the firm worked with a partner who was not only familiar with legal challenges of international expansion, but local issues associated with their target markets.

Bringing New Products to the Global Market with Field Marshall

Bringing a new product to the market can be a long process, but once the initial protype has been proven to work a whole new set of challenges emerges.

Established in 2013, Field Marshall develops mechanical aids for well hole clean-up – creating innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency. Taking care of the design, patent and prototype stages of development, the company then works with others around the world to bring its inventions to life.

Building for the Future with Target Energy Solutions

As technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, it takes a specialist to really understand how best to implement it in any industry. So, too, does it take a specialist to provide sound advice on successful international expansion.

Target Energy Solutions specialises in delivering digital solutions to data-driven industries, focusing largely on oil and gas, and when CEO Ali Al Mujaini was beginning to think about additional overseas markets, he knew that HFI had to be involved.

Helideck Certification Agency Cleared for Take-Off on UAE Expansion

If there’s one thing that any successful entrepreneur displays as a personality trait, it’s tenacity; the ability to remain focused and show determination even when obstacles are placed in their way.

But even the most successful of business people can have their resolve pushed to the limit when faced with endless red tape and bureaucratic brick walls.

Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) discovered just how protracted the process of expanding into the Middle East can be when setting up a new joint venture in the United Arab Emirates.

Working on an International Scale: Craig Corporate

International expansion can be a daunting prospect – even when you are used to guiding clients through the process yourself.

When Glasgow-based Craig Corporate – a management consultancy which helps owner-managed businesses to achieve their goals and improve their productivity – had its sights set on a move to the Middle East, HFI was its first port of call.

Starn Group: Expansion of Key Subsidiary Safehouse within the UAE

Scottish oil and gas companies that have their sights set on establishing a base in the Middle East often do so from a strategic perspective. Having a presence in the Middle East presents boundless prospects for development and growth, many of which are opportunistic.

Starn Group – a global business focused on safety, and on delivering economic benefit to its customers through the provision of a range of safety-related products and services – understood the potential advantages that a presence in the region would bring to both the group and to its clients.

IAS Group: The Process of a Management Buy-Out

Success in a company brings growth, and from growth stems new business opportunities. Such was the case for Integrated Advisory Service (IAS), a leading consultancy firm in the oil drilling sector in the Middle East, previously part of Drilling Systems. With further expansion in the company’s consultancy division, the option of a management buy-out for IAS had very high potential.

Jim Smith, CEO, Flowline Specialists

Very few firms that make up the North Sea oil and gas supply chain can be accused of lacking tenacity or ambition. They ride the peaks and troughs of the production rollercoaster, and are quick to embrace new opportunities, innovations and markets.

For many in the industry that have managed a period of consistent growth, a new challenge can be to break into international markets or diversify into a new service offering.  For those who are looking to combine those challenges, the Middle East is often on their radar.

This was the case for Scottish energy equipment manufacturer and service provider Flowline Specialists.