IAS Group: The Process of a Management Buy-Out

Success in a company brings growth, and from growth stems new business opportunities. Such was the case for Integrated Advisory Service (IAS), a leading consultancy firm in the oil drilling sector in the Middle East, previously part of Drilling Systems. With further expansion in the company’s consultancy division, the option of a management buy-out for IAS had very high potential.

Jim Smith, CEO, Flowline Specialists

Very few firms that make up the North Sea oil and gas supply chain can be accused of lacking tenacity or ambition. They ride the peaks and troughs of the production rollercoaster, and are quick to embrace new opportunities, innovations and markets.

For many in the industry that have managed a period of consistent growth, a new challenge can be to break into international markets or diversify into a new service offering.  For those who are looking to combine those challenges, the Middle East is often on their radar.

This was the case for Scottish energy equipment manufacturer and service provider Flowline Specialists.