Localisation is key to meeting oil and gas supply chain export targets

Ambitious targets have been set for the UK’s oil and gas supply chain to double the value of its £11bn export market in the next two decades. But, if this key element of the Vision 2035 strategy is to be delivered, it’s time to start having honest conversations about why some international ventures underachieve or fail completely.

Carry coals to Paris: are the stars aligning for CCS technology projects?

The CEO of the Global CCS Institute, Brad Page, writing in the Institute’s The Global Status of CCS Report 2018 asserted that “2018 may well be the year that the stars started again align for CCS…for the first time in quite a long time, we have seen decisive action from a number of governments to include CCS in their armoury.”

The End of Civil Nuclear Power?

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2018 published by Mycle Schneider in September presents a hard-hitting critique of the status of and prospects for nuclear power. 

New Thirst for Renewable Energy Desalination in the MENA Region

This week’s Singapore International Water Week has a strong focus on renewable energy desalination (REDSAL) as the world’s water experts meet and debate in the city state.

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